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products Sustainable future society through SW Chemicals’ environmentally-friendly technologies!
We will make it possible through customized nanodiamond products and services with world-best quality.



  • Nanodiamond soots

    After detonation of explosives (typically, mixture of TNT and RDX) in a closed chamber, soot can be obtained. This soot may contain impurities such as graphite or amorphous carbon (ca. 25~85 wt%) and metal impurities (ca. 1~10 wt%).

  • Nanodiamond purified powders

    SWC provides 5 grades of DND powders by finely controlling the content ratios of diamond and impurities (graphite, amorphous carbon and metals) using SWC’s patented prification process.

  • Nanodiamond suspensions

    SWC produces customized DND suspensions in various solvents such as water, alcohol, etc. in order to satisfy the customers’ needs.

  • Nanodiamond pastes

    SWC provides paste-type ND products, which have a long-term dispersion stability.